Inbound Marketing Vs Outbound Marketing

If you have just dived into marketing then you must have faced these two terms, Inbound and Outbound Marketing. You should know these methodologies as these are the culture of marketing. The right implementation of one of these can give you the desired output. Various strategies include SEO, Advertisements, Email marketing, and so on.

What is Outbound Marketing

The most traditional marketing practice which aims to clog the potential audience, in simple words it is the marketing technique where the company begins the discussion and spread the message to the customer in a more traditional way. This type of marketing includes Radio and TV ads, Magazine ads, Newspaper ads, Cold calling, Billboards, Telemarketing, etc.

In the last ten years, the popularity of Outbound Marketing has fallen because it creates an imbalance in the market budget of many businesses. Its return of interest is low also the increment in call spam filters have decreased its popularity.

But still, Outbound marketing if applied strategically can give a humongous bounce in sales, that’s why it is still there is the marketing ecosystem. Even today no better option than Outbound marketing exists if you want to improve your brand value.

What is Inbound Marketing

It is the newest marketing approach where marketer targets their relevant audience and attempt to attract them with unique content. The whole and sole motto of Inbound marketing are to engage the audience for maximum time and convert them into your customers. It includes Social media marketing, Email marketing, Content marketing, Search Engine Optimization, etc.

Inbound marketing is the most popular and trendy marketing methodology. It has an enormously higher return of interest than compared to Outbound at a much lower price. Unlike Outbound techniques where everyone is forced to engage regardless of interest here, you can separate your audience and target effectively.

Inbound marketing takes the audience through five-step journey :

  • Strangers: User who Unaware of your Brand
  • Visitors: User who just came to know about your Brand
  • Leads: User who are your potential customers
  • Customers: User who got Converted (Bought your Service/ Product)
  • Promoters: Users who create more Customers
    And the audience at the fifth level becomes double beneficial for the company as they are customers as well as promoters.

Its basic methodology is:

  • Attracts customers using blogs, tags, or keywords which are relevant to your Brand.
  • Convert customers using Forms, Calls-to-action, and other strategies.
  • Evolve as promoters using surveys, smart content, or social media.

Now the question arises that which marketing methodology is best? Well, the answer is variable and depends upon the company, its niche, and the type of attention it wants.

If you wish to increase the brand image, reputation, or direct approach then the Outbound marketing is best, but if you want to increase your visibility smoothly and for a long period with vast engagement and fewer risks then go for Inbound marketing.

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