Digital vs Traditional Marketing

We spend way more hours using mobile and laptop than seeing a billboard. When was the last time you opened a magazine to search for a brand. Digital marketing has become an important part of our life.

When was the last time you opened a magazine to search for a brand?

When was the last time you used a telephone directory to look for a number?

Maybe days or months or years ago?

Digital technology has become a vital part of our life. 

Starting the day with reading news on apps to ending the day seeing stock prices. Cheering for India in cricket sitting hundreds miles away. Getting the news of another country in just a click and so on…

At the same time digital technology has made its impact on businesses.

Businesses everywhere around the world are getting digitalized to reach more audience

With more users checking our facebook everyday rather than newspaper, it’s important to take digital marketing into consideration.

It’s not like traditional marketing isn’t important but is somewhat less effective in this modern era. With Digital marketing you can target people with personalized messages like hey Neil!. But in traditional marketing one message goes to everyone. 

Digital Marketing

More options for engagement

Through channels such as social media, emails,referrals and ads, It’s easy to reach a large amount of audience. 

Easy to measure your campaigns

Digital marketing makes the tracking of audiences so easy according to their behaviour, demographics and many more aspects. 

If your followers are increasing every day then you can say that you are doing the right thing.

Makes clever targeting possible

If you have the tools to specifically target a 29 year old female singer who loves pop music and pizza then surely a personalized ad can be created

Reduced cost

Newspaper ads, television ads, and the likes cost a lot.

Online advertising on the other hand works on pay as you go, thus even young entrepreneurs can afford which in turn helps to expand the scope of marketing across boundaries of age and finance.

Real time result

You can see everything in real time including:

  • Number of visitors.
  • Most active time of the day.
  • Conversion rates.
  • Bounce rates.

When you have the result handy in real time, you can make the strategy for the future quickly. 

When you know how things are going down, you will have a chance to improve them from bad to good and good to better. 

Traditional Marketing

Impactful and easy to understand

A visually bold billboard or a striking TV commercial is a normal part of most people’s day to day lives. They’re easy to digest and often entertaining.

Printed marketing materials are more permanent

If you have an advert in an issue of The New York Times it will be there until the magazine is recycled. Which is great if the consumer is an avid collector.

Simpler process

How many people between the ages 70-90 are comfortable with the internet. 

There are still people who are not comfortable with the internet, and yet others who are not even familiar with the idea.

Target Local Audience

You can air an ad on a certain channel, and send out flyers to some chosen parts of the city, to keep things focused on the target audience.

More memorable

Seeing something in real life rather than on your phone is more likely to be remembered. 

You are more likely to remember a kid playing cricket rather than an instagram ad you’ll probably scroll past in seconds

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